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  • Firefly-Aspects

    h2. Main Aspects | High Concept | As Fate Core | | Trouble | As Fate Core | | Role amongst the Crew | This can be your literal job role (pilot, cook, public relations) if it’s not covered by your High Concept, but more likely it refers to your role …

  • Firefly-Skills

    h3. Character's Skills | *Skills* | *Overcome* | *Create an Advantage* | *Attack* | *Defend* | | [[Firefly-Athletics | Athletics]] |=. X |=. X | |=. X | | [[Firefly-Brawl | Brawl]] |=. X |=. X |=. X |=. X | | [[Firefly-Company | Company]] |=. X |=. …

  • Firefly-Stunts

    Petty Hacker (Rob) : You can use Rob instead of Inspect to get secured information from the cortex Network liar (Hustle): put false information on the cortex Cortex Surfer (Inspect) : +2 to get information from the cortex Protective Gunner ( …

  • Firefly-Extras

    h2. General * [[Firefly-ArmorWeaponRating| Armor and Weapon Rating]] h2. Character Specific No extra yet... h2. Ship Specific No extra yet...

  • Firefly-Athletics

    The Athletics skill represents your character’s general level of physical fitness, whether through training, natural gifts, or genre-specific means (like magic or genetic alteration). It’s how good you are at moving your body. As such, it is a popular …

  • Firefly-Brawl

    The Brawl skill covers all forms of close-quarters combat (in other words, within the same zone), both unarmed and using bludgeoning weapons (club, mace, even axe). * Renamed from Fight

  • Firefly-Company

    This represents how enjoyable you are to spend time with. Company also covers Companionship, which in the Firefly ‘Verse is a loaded term. In an intimate setting it can be used to heal mental consequences. Because people are reluctant to lie to people …

  • Firefly-Culture

    The Culture skill is about knowledge and education though what “culture” means in the Core can be very different from out on the frontier (also used for formal dancing). * Renamed from Lore

  • Firefly-Doctor

    Heals both physical and mental consequences. You can’t heal yourself, but you can create advantages to help other people healing you. Also useful for studying a person’s psychological conditioning, current level of health, and the effects (and value) of …

  • Firefly-Fence

    Sword fighting in the style of Atherton Wade and The Operative. In practice this works the same as [[Firefly-Brawl | Brawl]], except one can’t be used to defend against the other – you need Fence or [[Firefly-Athletics | Athletics]] (but not [[Firefly- …

  • Firefly-Fly

    The Fly skill is all about operating spaceships and other things that go fast. Also used to drive trucks and skimmer craft. Riding horses use [[Firefly-Athletics | Athletics]]. * Renamed from Drive

  • Firefly-Hustle

    Huslte is the skill about lying to and misdirecting people. It can also be used for general awareness of con artistry, and striking bargains with fellow vagabonds. * Renamed from Deceive

  • Firefly-Inspect

    This is used for butting your nose in other people’s business. It’s used to spot forgeries, search rooms, dredge up information from the Cortex and crime scenes. Sometimes it defends against [[Firefly-Hustle | Hustle]]. Though useful to frontier sherifs …

  • Firefly-Instinct

    This is the default lie-detector skill. Default skill for “Fast Draw” gunplay, prelude to physical conflicts. * Renamed from Notice

  • Firefly-Rob

    The Rob skill covers your character’s aptitude for stealing things and getting into places that are off-limits. * Renamed from Burglary

  • Firefly-Physique

    The Physique skill represents the character’s natural physical aptitudes, such as raw strength and endurance. *Special:* The Physique skill gives you additional physical stress or consequence slots. Average (+ 1) or Fair (+ 2) gives you a 3 point …

  • Firefly-Preach

    The ability to inspire the faith of others; not necessarily their faith in God. It can be used to heal mental consequences, with the right sermon or inspiring speech. * Similar to Rapport : The Rapport skill is all about making positive connections to …

  • Firefly-Provoke

    Provoke is the skill about getting someone’s dander up and eliciting negative emotional response from them—fear, anger, shame, etc. It’s the “being a jerk” skill.

  • Firefly-Shoot

    Shoot is the skill of using ranged weaponry, either in a conflict or on targets that don’t actively resist your attempts to shoot them (like a bull’s-eye or the broad side of a barn).

  • Firefly-Stealth

    The Stealth skill allows you to avoid detection, both when hiding in place and trying to move about unseen. It pairs well with the [[Firefly-Rob | Rob]] skill.

  • Firefly-Will

    The Will skill represents your character’s general level of mental fortitude, the same way that [[Firefly-Physique | Physique]] represents your physical fortitude. *Special:* The Will skill gives you additional mental stress boxes or consequence slots. …

  • Firefly-ArmorWeaponRating

    A Weapon value adds to the shift value of a successful hit. So, if you have Weapon:2, it means that any hit is worth 2 more shifts than it would normally be. This counts for ties, so then you’re using a weapon, you inflict stress on a tie instead of …

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