A Weapon value adds to the shift value of a successful hit. So, if you have Weapon:2, it means that any hit is worth 2 more shifts than it would normally be. This counts for ties, so then you’re using a weapon, you inflict stress on a tie instead of getting a boost. That makes weapons very dangerous.

Automatic: A weapon property specifying that the weapon can take out number of nameless npc equal to the shift value. For exemple, a Weapon:2 hit will not take out two Average nameless NPCs on a tie unleast it as the Automatic property (Weapon:2A).

Normal weapon cannot take out many average NPC with one attack. Firefly is about avoiding conflicts. Moreover, there is not a lot of amor in the ’Verse, try to use everything you can (situation aspect) as cover when a conflict start. It will grant you some amor rating.

Most weapon in the ‘Verse are Rating 1 or 2 and aren’t automatic.

Most cover you’ll find will have a rating of 1 or 2.


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